Today was AWESOME.

I woke up with the urge to return to Niagara Falls after over 10 years, and dang am I happy I did!
I drove there from Sunderland around noon and on my way there I got stopped in traffic.
Side note: I love traffic jams. It’s like all of the people around you become your family. You look forward to hearing what that guy is listening to next, seeing people who stared at you through their window at one point, seeing how many plates you can find from different places… and the best part – you get to rock out to at least one solid album. This traffic jam lasted for quite some time, and eventually, my venté sugar-free soy mocha frappuccino with extra frappe roast and I were on our last leg of the journey to The Falls.


Ahh, the addiction.

Once I got into The Falls, my moments became silent and awestruck. To be honest, I cried. I’ve seen them before – but this time they were almost bigger to me. Larger than life. I couldn’t believe the pace of these things… and all of the natural sounds. These are the sounds I play on an iPhone app to fall asleep at night. These are the sounds I imagine when I want to feel peaceful. And there they were – resonating from The Falls right in front of me! It was incredible. I walked down the expanse of The Falls, and moseyed up to Clifton Street, “the street of fun by The Falls!” It was this street on which my older sister and I went to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum” when were kids. I remember specifics from that trip – The World’s Tallest Man, 3-headed Lamb, optical illusions, and more… I didn’t go today, but I entertained the idea for a hot minute.

I stopped by a couple of places to pick up some postcards for my friends, and decided it was time for food.
I wish I had a cooler place to say I ate, but I was by myself and didn’t feel like venturing too far. I ate at “Planet Hollywood”. While I was eating though, I got a phone call from my friend Danny! I can’t wait to see him in Manitoba. This trip is working out so well.

I am actually tempted to get a job here in Sunderland and stay for an extra week… they have a “Help Wanted” sign in the Bar & Grill window here… I’m a bartender… It’s a thought. My Uncle keeps trying to convince me to stay for Blue Rodeo on Friday – apparently things get wild when live music comes around here in Sunderland (Population 1,100).

Anyways, my trip was solely to enjoy the beauty of the falls, and that I did. I took some pictures I am pretty proud of, being that I only had my iPhone. Enjoy!


Horseshoe Falls. The Canadian side is definitely cooler…


The American Falls.


I had to take a selfie. #sorryboutit

My favorite shot.

My favorite shot.


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